President’s Message for October 2019
Let not an inconvenient truth get in the way of your agenda!

“Colin Kaepernick, who signed a lucrative deal to serve as a Nike brand ambassador last year, expressed the concern to the company that the Betsy Ross flag had been co-opted by groups espousing racist ideologies.”

Apparently Colin played hooky and missed his American history lesson. He is sorely in need of missed education.

“No One Is Above The Law”
“It has never been about President Trump the man, it is about all that he represents to the average true Patriotic American, not the foolish American who clamors for socialism and seeks to chastise America with hatred and blame. The foolish Americans who whimper because they know not what it is to fight for one’s country, nor one’s national identity, nor national sovereignty but seek to live without responsibility, and to that end is willing to surrender their liberty and individualism to the progressive government elite who thrive, prosper and laugh at their naïve cowardice.

The foolish American does not recognize that free is not the same as freedom, nor is liberalism the same as liberty.

The faces of anarchy and socialism are easily found in the press, in Congress, in the media, in States and many communities; they are the faces of people who apply a double standard shouting “no one is above the law”, as they whisper, “except us”.                                      Carolyn Gonzales