President Message

President’s Message for October 2019

Let not an inconvenient truth get in the way of your agenda!

“Colin Kaepernick, who signed a lucrative deal to serve as a Nike brand ambassador last year, expressed the concern to the company that the Betsy Ross flag had been co-opted by groups espousing racist ideologies.”

Apparently Colin played hooky and missed his American history lesson. He is sorely in need of missed education.


She was a Quaker (she didn’t own slaves).
She married a man her family disapproved of. So they disowned her.
She learned a trade. Upholstery.
She and her husband opened a store.
Then war broke out and her husband left to fight for the colonies. He died in battle.
She kept the store running by making regimental flags for the war effort. She married again.
This time to a man who was fighting the British by sea. He also died.
She kept sewing and running the store. Her home was taken over by the British when they occupied Philadelphia.
She was a patriot.
She lost two husbands to the war and at that time in history, she learned a trade and was able to take care of herself and her children.
So that flag represents the birth of our country and in the case of Ross, early feminism!!
She’s a female icon!!
This flag has nothing to do with slavery.
Nike made the wrong move. Again.
And Kaepernick is ignorant and willfully un-educated.


Oh Yes, and one more inconvenient truth!

The Republican Party was founded in a small school house in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20th, 1854 in order to counter the Democrats plans to expand slavery in America

Will Nike and Kaepernick ever learn? Don’t bet on it!