California Legislative Review

*Omnibus group of bills for 1.5 Trillion signed by NoBiden
Added AB1599, SB1228, AB1797, AB2098, AB2539, AB2802, SB 1764, SB1479, SB871, SB920-many Covid bills introduced
Items with asterisk * have changed from prior week.- Double asterisk ** I consider very important.

Note that most bills flagged with ’22 I consider bad for us and the state.

If you need more explanation on a specific bill, just email me and ask.

I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties  Even inactive bills can be revitalized.

Good**ACA4 Legislative Analyst to prepare title & summary statements -not yet in committee as of 2/18/21
Good**ACA9 Cancel Property “Death Tax” of Prop. 19 -still not heard in committee as of 5/4/21
**AB257 Committee to establish standards for fast food workers -in Senate rules comm. 2-1-22
Good**AB1599 Repeal Prop 47 of 2014, put more felonies back -In pubs comm again -3/9/22
*Good**AB1603 Reduce felony limits from $950 to $400 -being revised in PubSaf committee -3/23/22
*/**AB1797 Unspecified changes to Immunization Registry -in committee on Health -3/24/22
*/**AB1993 Proof of Vaccination in order to work -referred to Labor comm -3/25/22
*AB2063 Prohibits local fees for libraries & parks -revised & hearing postponed in assy comm on Health -3/23/22
**AB2098 Censure for Doctors providing alternate to Vaccine Covid info -in comm on Pubs 2/24/22
*/**AB2289 Wealth Tax on aimed at billionaires -to committee on taxes -3/3/22
*/**ACA8 Wealth Tax funding -scheduled for comm in April -3/3/22
**AB2539 Proof of C-19 Vaccine to enter public/private businesses -not yet heard in comm -2/18/22
*AB2802 Carbon Tax for more billions -not yet heard in comm -2/19/22
Good**Initiative to allow school choice for parents -available for signatures
Good**Initiative to recall Gascon – available for signatures
Good**Initiative to nullify SB9 & SB10 – available for signatures-may have been pulled
Good**Initiative to nullify Snatch & Grab – available for signatures
*Good**SCR5 End Covid State of Emergency -failed passage in Gov Org comm w/reconsideration -3/15/22
*/**SCA6 Change Recall replacement – to comm on Elections 3-23-22
Good-SB39 Check prison records by EDD -held in another Assembly committee 8/26/21
**SB57 Drug injection sites in LA & Alameda Cntys. -revised and in Pubctns comm. 1-18-22
Good-SB58 Forbid full use of SSN by EDD -held in another Assy committee under submission 8/26/21
Good-SB232 Implement state auditors proposals on EDD -held in another Assy comm. 8/26/21
*/**SB245 Expanding Abortion in CA -signed by Nusulini 3-17-22
SB752 Recall Limits -carryover held in Assembly committee 8/26/21
*SB830 Eliminate school attendance as necessary to payment -re-referred to Educ. Comm. 3-9-22
*/**SB866 Children 12 up get vaccine, no parental knowledge -to assy Judg comm again -3/9/22
*/**SB871 All Children preschool thru college must be vaccinated -rescinded to Judg for too many health bills -3/22/22
*SB906 Parental disclosure of firearms -scheduled in Senate Health comm -3/24/22
*SB920 Examine records of physicians, surgeons & patients -fast tracked for comms on Apr 4 -3/16/22
*SB1228 Stop using DNA from rape victims – being fast-tracked to Pubs committee -3/24/22
SB1479 Schools must continue testing & quarantine protocols -amended & in comm on Health -3/21/22


**AB19 Illegals allowed to serve on school board -returned to Sect of State for review 2-1-22
AB455 Bridge Transit & Covid-19 requirement for employees & visitors -carryover in Senate as of 6/9/21
AB759 Extend Vote cycle to Presidential Year -sent to inactive file as of 9/8/21
**AB854 Moratorium on evictions for 5 year ownership -died on floor vote 2-1-22
AB1075 Local Zoning Override -returned to Sect of State for review- as of 2/1/22
AB1114 Social Media Free Speech – returned to returned to Sect of State for review-as of 2/1/22
AB1223 Firearms tax -died in comm for now -2/1/22
AB1253 IncreaseAB1316 Attack on Charter Schools -died in inactive file as of 2/1/22
AB1316 Maximum CA Tax – returned to Sect of State for review- as of 2/1/22
**AB1400 Universal Health Care no funding -withdrawn by author -for now 2/1/22
**ACA11 Universal Health Care with tax increase -1st introduction 1/6/22
ACA8 Wealth Tax including stock -died before reaching committee as of 5/4/21
SCA1 Remove Referendum Option -to inactive file in Senate as of 9/1/21
SCA3 Eliminate Recall -still buried in committee since 4/7/21
SB12 -Regulations stifling new housing -failed passage in committee reconsideration granted 7/12/21
SB217 Transparency in Sex Ed – returned to Sect of State for review- as of 2-1-22
SB238 Free Speech for Employees -returned to Sect of State for review-died as of 2/1-22
SB249 Free Speech for Students -returned to Sect of State for review- as of 2/1/22
SB262 Zero Bail on most arraignments -to inactive file as of 9/9/21
SB519 Decriminalize LSD -cancelled by author as of 8/26/21 -for now
*SB871 All kids must be vaxed for school (public & private) -rescinded 3/24/22
*/**SB1464 All Law persons to enforce public health orders -pulled by author in comm on Health -3/22/22-MB
   Joint Rule 56 is for dormant bills from previous year, not “carryover” bills and sent to Secretary of State for review..
     AB2020 Place Mentally Ill in Protective Care Facility -back in comm on Health 3/14/22
     AB2333 Hate crimes on police -failed passage in Pubs comm 3/22/22
     AB2485 Exempt from CEQA review for shelters -in comm on Natural Resources 3/10/22
     *SB1008 Funds for local law to Create Needs Teams -to comm on Pubs 3/23/22
     *SB1284 Local Grants for Homeless Shelters -rescinded too many bills 3/24/22
     SB1298 Beds & Treatment for Mentally Ill Homeless -to comm on Health 3/2/22
     SB1303 Place Mentally Ill in Protective Care Facility -to comm on Judiciary 3/2/22